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High Road Books is now featuring Daniel Selby’s Blurring the Line and Coming Into Focus, a two-volume autobiographical novel set in the 1970’s and 1980’s about surviving male anorexia, Hollywood, and the struggle to grow up and become successful while being openly gay. Based on actual journal entries.


Sections edited out of the printed books are now available for free download as of August 2017. (PDF only.)

Second editions coming fall 2017 with all removed edits replaced.

The paperback of the second book, Coming Into Focus, is sold out April of 2016.

E-book editions of both books are available together in one package.

The paperback edition of Blurring the Line has sold out. It may be reprinted in the future, but is still available as an E-book.

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Dear Readers,

I can’t thank you enough for your interest in my story. I am honored you have placed your belief in me enough to purchase my books. Book One “Blurring the Line” quickly sold out of the paperback copies when released in October 2013—all 3,500 copies by late February 2014. This was mainly due to all the newspaper, TV and internet interviews I was able to do for it. The book has sold as far away as Sweden and Russia thanks to the internet! The eBook version continues to sell well and has recently passed the 1,000 copies purchased mark! As with the first book, please read with an open mind and consider the source. If you are easily grossed out by certain things in life or have a virgin mind pass this book up! I have tried to write the complete, complex story without getting too overly graphic about certain situations, I do believe in details as you will see, though! As with journals, some of this book will be repetitive, even contradictory. I sometimes asked the same question in my journals many times over. Please keep that in mind and bear with me as this book is written with original journal entries, emails, and personal letters as the basis.

I wrote this story for me. A personal project. It was only after others had heard about it and expressed an interest that I made it available to others in a two book series. There will likely be a lot of TMI moments in this book for some readers. Please understand this going in. There may be a lot of things you may not care to read about, please understand I am not writing those things for shock value, they come right out of my old journals and help tell the story.

Those who say they don’t care to read anything extremely intimate about others are usually the very ones who really do! Studies show that people want details, intimate details, about other people. Even those old biddies (like my Grandmother Goldie, who you will read about) who tsk, tsk about such details still turn the page to read more! Others will burn books so they can’t continue reading! Hilarious!

The book was wrapped up quickly, though a loooong read, so it may seem disjointed towards the end, but it is based on journal entries and such and they do not always flow smoothly either. There may be a few mistakes or poor grammar but that's OK with me. Nothing is perfect in this life and flaws are OK... after all we're all flawed in one way or another.

Again THANK YOU so much for purchasing my story! You have helped make a dream come true!

Daniel Selby
July 2014
New Castle, New Hampshire

"Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace."
~ H.H. The Dalai Lama


In a lot of ways I didn’t want to publicly publish this story, but something deep within me compelled me forward, searching for the right words, looking for just the right names for the characters, using the right materials to tell the long, complicated story that hungered to be told… and that so many others have expressed interest in. I am now grateful I did put the story on paper.

Aside from those in my family and those in the entertainment business portions of this book, many characters appearing in this work are composite. Any resemblance to single real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. All I can say to some people is…if you see yourself within these characters, you must be guilty of something…

Names of everyone, other than famous people and some family members, have been changed, as have some locations and years events may have happened.

When writing these books I consulted an attorney. He said I could write anything I wanted as long as I changed real names. He went on to say that if someone claimed to be in my books and if what I wrote was not very nice, then that person would have to refute what I wrote was true. If any single shred of evidence existed to the contrary (emails, videos, legal court papers, recordings, personal letters, etc.), that would be difficult…if not impossible. With composite characters you can’t pick and choose what parts you feel are you. My attorney also mentioned the Freedom of Speech clause. This is my recollection of events and I’ve related them to the best of my knowledge.

Enjoy this work…25+ years in the writing (July 1988 – July 2014)

A Special Thank You and Love to Allan for all his help, love and support in everything I do. Thank you to my actress friend Tracy Nelson who said: ““Dear One, do not waste your precious days on anyone who desires to see you made smaller, anyone who needs your light to be dimmer, for their own reasons which are not your responsibility to change.” Also thank you to my former counselor Lisa who encouraged me to write out my story and to my attorney Wes who gave advice on what to change to make it all OK.

About Coming Into Focus

The continuing story of Daniel Selby’s eventual recovery from anorexia and depression. Using actual journal entries, personal letters, and emails, Daniel delves into the sad, depressed lives of those he becomes involved with, only to have it help him emerge stronger than before. Nothing is spared when revealing the details of his life and all those around him. Running from the end of book one in 1982 right up to July 2014. Daniel tells it all… and then some!

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Chapter 79—A Thorny Encounter

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Chapter 87—A New Chapter of Life

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About Blurring the Line

Blurring the Line is the first of two volumes in author Daniel Selby’s novelized autobiography. He relates the story of a young, openly gay man striving to make his way in the world of show business in the 1970s and 1980s.

He has his mother’s support in both personal and professional matters but yearns for his father’s approval. His poignant yet humorous quest for independence and self-reliance take him from his northern California hometown to the entertainment centers of Hollywood and Reno and as far afield as Studio 54 in New York City and Australia’s outback.

Along the way he deals with sex, drugs, and life-threatening anorexia nervosa. In this first volume, his dreams of breaking through to find love, acceptance, and fulfillment never come true for very long at a time. But broken hearts, lost relationships, and the need for healing are only the beginning of life, never the end.

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Chapter 31—Beginning of the End

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About the author

Actor Daniel Selby, born in the bay area of California, began acting at age 7 in San Francisco. He has appeared in numerous TV commercials, feature and television films and has worked extensively in theater. He continues to act in films, theater and television today.

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